1. What are the services provided by AGENCY 50?

AGENCY 50 platform offers a wide range of commercial services that target the wholesaler in particular, and these services mainly include buying, checking, shipping and clearing goods from Turkey and China, as well as commission purchases of goods, electronic marketing and commercial mediation.

3. What are the free services provided by AGENCY 50 ?

AGENCY 50 platform provides a set of free services for its subscribers, and these services include a free subscription to its website, the service of commercial inquiries and consulting, and a service to examine and photograph the goods after paying their cost, as well as a number / 1 / display the price of the required goods within (the special requests service) in the Chinese and Turkish markets.

5. Can I communicate directly with the management of AGENCY 50 platform?

Of course, all AGENCY 50 platform subscribers are always welcome to contact, inquire and trade consulting with AGENCY 50 platform management.

7. What currency is used for my purchases?

AGENCY 50 platform supports the US dollar for purchases in the Turkish and Chinese market, and the exchange rate of the dollar is calculated for the Turkish lira or Chinese Yuan depending on the market exchange rate on the same day the transfer is received from the client.

9. Is the transfer fee charged under payment options deducted from my private balance?

No, AGENCY 50 platform does not charge any expenses or fees for transferring money within its payment options, except that the client will bear the fees for bank transfer, Western Union or digital currency, provided that the value of his purchases and services paid in full to AGENCY 50 platform.

11. What cargo options do AGENCY 50 offer me?

The subscriber can choose any shipping company that he deals with and AGENCY 50 platform will send the required goods to this company, and if the subscriber does not own his own shipping company, we will provide a shipping company to deliver the goods to the address registered in our site.

13. How long does it take to ship goods to my address?

AGENCY 50 platform will complete the purchase and shipment of goods as soon as the value of purchases and other paid services is received, and the delivery period for the goods varies from country to country according to the various international shipping terms, provided that AGENCY 50 platform is committed to complete its work as quickly as possible.

15. I want to buy wholesale merchandise, but I do not find it in the list of merchandise on AGENCY 50 platform. What can i do?

You can go to the (special request service) and follow the necessary instructions to purchase your required goods.

17. Does AGENCY 50 platform provide return order service?

No, despite the commitment of AGENCY 50 platform to the processes of checking and photographing the goods and ensuring their conformity with the specifications presented, we do not provide the service of returning purchases after they are delivered to the buyer.

2. How can I subscribe to Agency 50 platform?

AGENCY 50 platform offers free subscription service through its website. you can subscribe by clicking on the “new account” icon and then following the instructions to fill in the information that help us to communicate with you directly.

4. What are the paid services provided by AGENCY 50?

The list of paid services from AGENCY50 platform includes re-examination and photographing of the goods for a second time, additional quotations for the aforementioned free price offer, quotations from the Turkish market, the cost of delivery of goods to shipping companies and clients clearance services in land and sea ports in both Turkey and China, as well as Transfer and accommodation expenses within the cities of China are added to the client for clients wishing to purchase and conclude deals with Chinese factories outside the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

6. Does AGENCY 50 platform own an official license in both Turkey and China?

Correct, AGENCY 50 platform owns a licensed and certified company in Turkish and Chinese territories, and fully complies with all the laws of companies in force in Turkey and China.

8. What are the payment options for AGENCY 50 platform?

AGENCY 50 platform provides a wide range of payment options that make it easy for the buyer to pay for his purchases, and these options are updated periodically as we have new payment methods available, and the current available payment options is bank transfer, Western Union and digital currency (bit coin and local currency transfer) for the Turkish market , Bank transfer and local currency transfer for the Chinese market.

10. How can I find out if my remittance has reached AGENCY 50 platform ?

Subscribers who have made a payment interface will receive an immediate notification of the payment process, and another notice will be sent upon the arrival of the wire transfer on the subscriber's personal page.

12. I want to ship a full container, what services does AGENCY 50 platform offer me?

Whether the client purchases a full container or more than one container, AGENCY 50 platform will provide the services of purchase, examination, customs clearance and freight from the Turkish and Chinese market, and will send all documents related to customs clearance at the port of the client's country, provided that the client takes charge of the customs clearance in his country’s port by himself.

14. Can I buy retail, not wholesale?

Unfortunately, AGENCY 50 platform only provides its services to wholesale purchases.

16. I would like to make a deal with a factory directly, can AGENCY 50 platform help me with that?

AGENCY 50 platform management has a long experience in contract deals and direct wholesale purchases from factories, and guarantees the rights of the buyer by writing documented contracts with Turkish and Chinese factories, and AGENCY 50 platform offers special offers at a reduced profit rate for clients wishing to make special deals with specific factories, whether in the Turkish or Chinese markets.

18. Can I cancel my purchase order after I wired the payment and reached AGENCY 50 platform?

Of course, within 24 hours, you can let us know that you want to cancel the purchase, and the amount of money we received from you will remain in your balance for other purchases.

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